Internal Communications
Even the most effective teams need highly developed communication skills, ensuring departments work together and stakeholders feel involved. We can help you examine expectations in all parts of your organisation and build a common-sense system which ensures everyone is "on message".

Building Effective Processes
Making organisations more effective frequently involves close examination of how services are provided. We can provide an external appraisal of what you do, why you do it and benchmark the process against other providers if required.
Business process mapping is frequently chosen by clients to improve their customer facing services, and ensure all staff work to common standards and processes.

Management Research & Report Writing
We have considerable experience in undertaking research for individuals, organisations and charitable bodies, and recent work has included appraising management arrangements for local authority premises, creating training programmes for membership organisations, advising on building design and conducting structure and activity reviews.

Governance and Management Issues
Clarity around your organisation's mission and vision can be obstructed where trustees and employees fail to appreciate both the shape of their respective roles and the boundaries of their responsibilities. We can provide the objectivity and stimulus to construct a framework which will enable all parties to work effectively together, and suggest a range of solutions to help you get the best from your staff/volunteers and trustees.