Training for Improved Productivity

Every organisation can benefit from straightforward courses which improve their internal and external processes. We can offer “Effective Communication”, “Better Telephone Techniques”, “Managing Workloads”, “Being More Assertive”, “Managing Teams”, “The New Manager”, “Designing the Best Customer Service” and so on. Every client’s needs are different - so each course is entirely bespoke.

Business Planning

In trying to rationalise what they do, some organisations know they need to produce a business plan, but simply don't know where to start. Help is at hand - we can take you through the various stages and work with you to draw up a framework for the process. Alternatively we can put an entire plan together including undertaking the necessary consultative work required to guarantee wide ownership of the final document.

Identifying Objectives and Reaching Targets
High workloads and segmented patterns of working can mean the organisation lacks a cohesive sense of responsibility for the services it provides. We can help to establish collective commitment to common goals, aspirations and targets, by providing an opportunity to revisit what drives the company, how resources are organised to meet its objectives, and the part played by different members of the management team.