Coaching is the fastest growing area of personal support in management and leadership today. Whether to enhance a career or achieve a particular set of targets, the support of an experienced coach brings objectivity and analysis helping talented individuals to achieve results beyond their expectations.

Coaching for Performance
With high expectations and demanding targets, senior staff need to be able to stand back from their collective responsibilities and prioritise their work objectively. We can offer a tailored programme to deal with short term pressures or provide longer term support for those with consistently heavy workloads.

Career Counselling
Most people reach a stage in their lives when they need to think about what they have done and where they want to go. Usually this process benefits from objective external appraisal, and we can provide a short series of sessions to help take stock of achievements and refocus direction for the future.

Coaching for Promotion
This is usually aimed at those wishing to consider and prepare for their next career move. However, on occasions some individuals may need one or two hours within a fairly short timeframe to help prepare for an important interview, or to review their performance following an unsuccessful application for a new post. This can usually be arranged to suit a specific timetable.

Work/life Balance
Highly pressured posts and significant domestic responsibilities can make basic decision-making difficult for even the most thoroughly competent individual. Carefully examining these conflicting stresses, a range of tools and techniques can be applied to restore a sense of equilibrium for most people.