Business Services

Orientation meetings

Sometimes you need to talk things through and rehearse your arguments or points of view, but can't risk practicing with people you know. We can provide the confidential support and critical appraisal to help you get that important meeting just right. Whether you're meeting important clients, colleagues, your boss, employees or consultants - we'll cover objectives, process, delivery and presentation to ensure you couldn't put it better.

Exit interviews

Often these are the hardest things to get right. We can help by bringing an impartial ear to the proceedings and ensure you get the best value from the vital feedback your departing employee can provide. In addition to using your existing company systems, we can bring knowledge and listening skills to create an effective report, and suggest areas for system improvement or overhaul.

Speech writing and presentations

We can help with writing speeches for functions, events and business meetings. Working with you we can quickly identify key points you need to make, ensure you can deliver them with confidence, and leave your audience fully informed.