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The concept of managers really supporting their staff - the upturned organigram if you will...

If you'd like to explore the subject further you could use this information as a starting point.  Basic info is here.  With details of the Servant Leadership Centre in the US here, and the UK organisation here.


Links to work by John Seddon on 
Systems Thinking.  The recommendations he makes are widely applicable to most organisations where tasks are divided between different groups of people. Again you can use this link as a point from which to explore the concept further if you wish.

Much of Seddon's work is focussed on public services, and chimes very well with concepts I use when working with clients around defining "permissive frameworks".  

I believe organisations wishing to be robust and "fleet of foot" need to invest time in clearly identifying the boundaries of an employee's decision-making.  This means s/he can organise their work effectively and feel some sense of control over what they do.  Interestingly the CIPD is a rich source of articles charting changes in the workplace over the previous decade.  Several cite the 
erosion of individual control, as being a particularly stressful development for employees, together with the need to rebuild trust in the workplace.  More on this here


The defining of permissive frameworks happens to fit very well with "exception reporting" which can strip out so much wasted time particularly in large organisations.

A simple definition:
The passing on of information only when it breaches or transcends agreed norms.  Exception reporting is intended to reduce information overload by minimizing the circulation of repetitive or old information.  Under this system, only information that is new and out of the ordinary will be transmitted.  More info here